We back Ambitious Teams

with Bold Ideas to solve
Hard Valuable

for a Global Impact

We dig Deep Tech that’s far ahead of everyone else and delivers 10x improvements

Exponential startups have specific operational structures and processes that unleash explosive growth.

Our focus

Our team relentlessly pursues its search for the ultimate combination of ambition, bold ideas potentially impacting hundreds of thousands and possibly billions of people and brilliant, courageous teams with specific operating genes, harnessing the power of exponential technologies to solve hard, valuable problems.

A Massive Transformative Purpose

The first thing that we look at is whether the team shares and lives by a Massive Transformative Purpose. Because the secret to motivating all stakeholders (not only the founding team but whole communities and evangelists) to do great things like solving big problems is a big purpose. So what is an MTP?

    • Massive: audaciously big and aspirational
    • Transformative: can cause significant transformation to an industry, community or to the planet
    • Purpose: there’s a clear “why” behind the work being done, something that unites and inspires action, gives meaning to work.

MTPs will typically expose a gap between the present situation and what could be; they show a path towards a better future. This aspirational element is what ignites passion in individuals, teams and communities, fosters collaboration, contribution of ideas and helps spread the will to make things happen.

A unique approach

We love solutions that have a deep technological foundation and/or a unique approach. The end result is a solution to a hard problem. Such approaches naturally create strong moats protecting the firm from competition. Of course, not all inventions and innovations are valuable for a company. Many only generate value for users. We believe that building a sustainable business ultimately involves having the ability to charge and produce revenues.

Exponential genes

The potential growth profile of your company particularly matters to us. The name of our firm was not chosen by accident. We are “Expon” Capital for a reason. Our advisor Salim Ismail (co-author of the book Exponential Organisations) found that the fastest growing firms of the last decade share common DNA enabling their exponential growth. This DNA is what we call Exponential Genes. What Exponential Genes do is unlock bottlenecks and hidden hurdles and allow startups adopting the right operational processes to speed up and scale an order of magnitude better than firms that do not adopt them. At Expon Capital we have developed unique know-how about these genes. Our role is to look for their presence, roll up our sleeves and help unleash your company’s potential exponential capabilities.

The below framework displays the 11 genes we look for. Evidence has shown that when compounded, their combination makes for an extremely powerful cocktail, propelling your company towards market dominance. Fully exploiting those genes requires an in-depth understanding and experience. This is what we bring to founders.

You can quickly test your compliance with the exponential genes framework and suitability to our investment thesis by taking this quick ExO Quotient survey (with permission from OpenExo) !