Expon Growth Funds (Series A, B, C)

Growth Strategy for Pan European

Our strength is backing visionary teams with the skill set and ambition to shift the world in a more positive direction. We use the UN Sustainable Development Goals as a first filter to see whether we can philosophically get on board. And we ultimately bet on a founding team—your energy, transparency, fortitude, and ability to execute on a powerful overarching vision.


We invest in companies addressing UN Sustainable Development Goals. That means we’re open-minded to most approaches and industries that fit within our Manifesto. We often have strong convictions about markets we’ve been following for a while, so feel free to ask if we have us what we think about yours. Our existing portfolio ranges from circular economy, digital health, energy software, education, semiconductor, space tech, mobility, and agriculture.


Expon Growth I is designed to back companies at critical inflection points after MVP and positioning itself to be a dominant market player. Our team relentlessly pursues the ultimate combination of ambition, bold ideas most likely to scale and impact billions of people. That means we usually participate in Series A & B, though don’t care about the name of the round so much as the conviction we gain around you and the team. We occasionally make seed stage investments, as well, when the alignment is clear and we expect to be able to continue working with the founding team well into later stages.

A Unique Approach

We love solutions that have a deep technological foundation, a unique approach or incredible execution on vision. These elements naturally create strong moats protecting the firm from competition. We believe that building a sustainable business ultimately involves having the ability to charge and produce revenues.

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This series of Growth Funds was designed for Family Offices and Institutional Investors.