Julien Coulon

Entrepreneur in Residence

Julien Coulon is an Entrepreneur in Residence (EIR) at Expon Capital.

Julien started in the Internet world in 1992 with France Telecom’s Hosting Division. In 1996, he spent two years on a technology watch in their New York offices. Back in France, he headed the Internet and Minitel sector of France 98, then successfully developed their Hosting activity.

In 2000 he helped set up Langages Virtuels, a web conferencing start-up later bought by Genesys Conferencing.

Julien joined Akamai International in 2002, to launch their E-commerce, Digital Media & Telecom activities in France. He remained Industry Director with Akamai until 2009, having assured the company’s dominance in the French market.

Based on this previous experience, he created Cedexis “The Waze of the Internet”. The goal was to make a better Internet for everyone by everyone. This SaaS-solution was built to improve end-user experience by injecting real time data to make real time decisions between multiple clouds, CDNs & Data Centers. After raising 33M$, creating offices in 9 countries, signing the biggest international brands such as Facebook, Twitter, Microsoft, AirBnB, Huawei, Le Monde, the French TV… the company became the leader in the industry. The company had 75 people before a very successful Citrix acquisition in 2018.

In parallel, Julien has been coaching startups in incubators for many years and has built an interesting business angel portfolio of his own.


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