Carlos Ramón

Founder & CEO, Compas

Carlos Ramón is strategic advisor at Expon Capital.

Carlos is a globapreneur with 25 years of building and executing the international strategy and operations of technology companies: two members of the Nasdaq-100, Peoplesoft and Akamai; one member of NYSE, Silver Spring Networks; and as CEO of Conviva. Today, Carlos is the CEO & Founder of COMPAS, an enterprise software platform that empowers technology companies to plan and execute their global growth.  In addition, he serves in the Board of Directors of 4 leading technology companies and as a Sr. Advisor to two leading Silicon Valley private equity firms.  Last, Carlos is a regular guest speaker at YPO, Vistage and Stanford Business School events on the importance of leading as a globapreneur. Carlos holds a BS in Computer Engineering from Baylor University and an SEP 2007 graduate from the Stanford School of Business.

He is a citizen of the world who was raised in Uruguay and lived in Brazil, France, Chile, fluent in 4 languages, and now back in the Silicon Valley for the past 9 years with his wonderful wife and three kids.


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