At Expon Capital
we want to be a

 Force for Good

A European venture point

For us, technology is a global phenomenon, not a local event. That’s why we are connecting the worlds’ hottest innovation clusters (EU-Israel-US-China) and are open to ideas wherever they are born. Silicon Valley does not have a monopoly on good ideas and extraordinary talent. Disruptive technologies appear everywhere on the planet. And we strongly believe in the formidable new generation of European entrepreneurs. We love European founders because we share certain values like human dignity, freedom, solidarity, privacy, responsibility for weakest and our environment. We believe that these values are becoming more relevant than ever.

A Deep Tech Focus

We look at deep tech: superficial approaches and me-toos look elsewhere. AI, Blockchain, Cybersecurity, Robotics and Space are the platforms we cover. We prefer software over hardware but are open to mature disruptive concepts. See more under Exponential Strategy and DTF Strategy

An Operator’s approach

We’re entrepreneurs: having been there before, we know what it’s like so it means something when we say we’re your partners, focused on the success of your company. We participate in the equity alongside you, being closely linked to your development. We’re not a passive investor/board member. This means our investment terms are primarily designed with your interest in mind.

A Sense of Community

We believe in the extended family concept and the community it creates: our limited partners, advisors, Expon angels, entrepreneurs are all part of the same circle and can reach and help each other. We believe that such a free flow can help make a difference.

Check out our Manifesto for more.