Expon Capital Scale-Up Strategy

Scale-up Strategy Pan-European

We build value by supporting entrepreneurs on go to-market strategy and international expansion, scaling from $1m to $100m in top-line. In addition to capital, we offer our network and decades of experiences through investing and managing more than 70 private technology companies.

Investment Criteria:


  • €1 to €10m in revenues with proven product market fit


  • Profitable unit of economics e.g. LTV/CAC, and strong growth rate of c.100%


  • Sectors: Digitalisation & AI, HealthTech and Sustainability. Our existing portfolio ranges from circular economy, digital health, energy software, education, semiconductor, space tech, mobility, and agriculture


  • We have been using UN SDGs as an initial screening criteria since 2017. We believe that impact and return should go hands in hands

A Unique Approach

We love solutions that have a strong competitive advantage and incredible execution on vision. We believe that impact and profit can go hands in hands. Our extended team includes world-class executives, successful entrepreneurs with exits and academic research institutions that will help you on technical competitiveness, go to-market and scaling internationally.

  • Company HQ
    • Europe
    • Israel
    • US
  • Fund
    • Digital Tech Fund I
    • Digital Tech Fund II
    • Digital Tech Fund III
    • Expon I
  • Portfolio
    • Current Portfolio
  • Sector
    • AI & Data
    • B2B SaaS
    • ClimateTech
    • Consumer & Apps
    • Cyber & Security
    • DeepTech
    • FinTech
    • HealthTech
    • HR & Education
    • Industry & Logistics
    • Marketplace



This series of Growth Funds was designed for Family Offices and Institutional Investors.