How we work

How we invest

We are not a passive investor and we are here to support our companies every way we can, though it is YOUR COMPANY to manage. We know when to get out of your way—and we know that investors can destroy value just as easily as add to it.


We have a set of industries that we’re following at any given time—usually over the course of years. We usually have theses on parts of the market but are open-minded to hear your opinion.


In the end, we spend most of our time with our existing companies, so please don’t be offended if we don’t get back right away. (If we’re not excited, we may not have been the best partner for you anyway!)

Before we invest

  • We do review over 2000 pitch decks per year as a whole team, so finding a warm intro will go a long way in getting our attention.
  • We are united: we need an unanimous vote from the investment committee for us to work with you.
  • In general, we are not fans of convertible notes / SAFEs for so many reasons
  • We only sign NDAs once you get a green light from our investment committee, before final due diligence.
  • We love to syndicate rounds with other investors, as lead, co-lead, or follower
  • We do NOT invest at product development stage, so you have to have at least a MVP that a customer is ready to pay for. And for consumer-facing or non-deep-tech products, we aim for significant revenue generation prior to investment.
  • Make sure your project is compliant with the strategy of our funds, and demonstrate a fit with Luxembourg for the Expon Seed and supports the SDGs for Expon Growth

When you’ve joined the family


  • Open communication: we’re on your team. We expect mutual candour and radical openness.
  • We work with you and don’t interfere or intrude, it’s your company. We want to know what your challenges are and how we can help.
  • You tap into our network for expertise, introduction to potential strategic partners and identifying and gaining access to the right customers
  • You use us as a sounding board for your strategy, competitive positioning, target market definition, product scoping. We help you focus on what matters.
  • We do not take board seats early.
  • Due to our fund size, we cannot reinvest in all companies in our seed pool.

Talent hiring

Because success is a question of people and because finding the best talent is so hard, founders can drown in the task, especially when the company needs to scale fast. Together with our network of experts, we are there to help design your HR strategy, define the right recruiting profiles and open our recruitment capabilitie

Fund raising

Raising money is an important part of a startup’s activities and also a disruptive one for the entrepreneur. That’s why it is crucial to be very structured and to have a swift and effective process. Our team has seen thousands of decks and can help make yours stand out and address the points that matter to VCs, potential investors and acquirers.


Founders often wish to enhance their administrative, accounting, legal and technological capabilities. In those moments, you need a partner that can provide solutions and avoid wasting your time researching who’s the best provider for your needs. When needed, we can provide the tools for entrepreneurs to measure, understand, and report the performance of their early-stage company.

Going global

International expansion is a key, difficult, step towards achieving global domination. Most books display theoretical frameworks that are useless in practice. We have partnered with a highly successful executive who, over decades taking companies global, has shaped a clear and structured approach to help our portfolio companies design, manage and execute their international GTM plans. This invaluable expertise is part of what we bring.

Speed & Scale

To scale fast and exponentially, you want the best operational processes in your firm, those that are conducive to hyper growth. We have seen first hand how most firms structure their firm with multiple handbreaks on. Our role is to identify the exponential genes in your firm and implement those that are missing and unleash your potential to speed and scale.