Expon Capital Seed Strategy

Seed Strategy for Luxembourg

The Digital Tech Fund managed by Expon Capital, now in its third vintage, is dedicated to investing in early-stage startups with global ambitions. Our investment strategy not only focuses on generating attractive venture returns but also emphasizes the optimization of social impact. By nurturing and supporting the technology startup ecosystem in Luxembourg, our fund aims to foster long-term innovation and contribute to the overall advancement of the local entrepreneurial landscape.

Investment Criteria:


  • Early stage startups with initial customer interest and clear value proposition, validating a viable market. There is no minimum revenue requirement. However, we expect that you have at least pilot customers or signed contracts


  • Digital companies based in Luxembourg or committed to building substantial activities and hiring locally in Luxembourg


  • Founded and incorporated less than 7 years ago


  • We are sector agnostic and business model agnostic. Some of the key sectors include Cybersecurity, FinTech and RegTech, Big Data, Digital Health, Digital Learning, Digital Platforms, Internet of Things, and New Space

What We Can Offer:


  • Initial ticket size of 200k-1m EUR


  • Follow-on ticket size of up to 4m EUR per company


  • Coaching and advice based on the decades of investment experiences


  • Network of experts, partners and peers


  • Passion, integrity and understanding
  • Videobot
    Investment date : 2023
    Founders : Matias Mäenpää, Anssi Kiviranta
    HQ : Finland
  • Cascade
    Investment date : 2022
    Founders : Maciej Waloszyk, Declan Ohannrachain
    HQ : Luxembourg
  • MarketLeap
    Investment date : 2022
    Founders : Mamoun Benkirane, Mekki Mouaddeb
    HQ : Luxembourg
  • Accelex
    Investment date : 2021
    Founders : Franck Vialaron, Nicole Weder, Michael Aldridge
    HQ : London, UK
  • Coinhouse
    Investment date : 2020
    Founders : Nicolas Louvet
    HQ : Paris, France
  • Finarta
    Investment date : 2018
    Founders : Gauthier de Vanssay, Daniel Gervis, Arnaud d'Ussel, Domnin de Kerdaniel, Antoine de Rochefort
    HQ : Luxembourg
  • Itravel
    Investment date : 2016
    Founders : Axel & Erik Schmiegelow
    HQ : Cologne, Germany
  • Passbolt
    Investment date : 2018
    Founders : Kevin Muller, Cédric Alfonsi, Rémy Bertot
    HQ : Luxembourg
  • Nektria
    Investment date : 2017
    Founders : Miguel Valls, David Costa
    HQ : Barcelona, Spain
  • Nexten.io
    Investment date : 2020
    Founders : Eric Busch, Lasha Abzianidze
    HQ : Luxembourg
  • Next Gate Tech
    Investment date : 2019
    Founders : Davide Martucci & Semin Ibisevic
    HQ : Luxembourg
  • Wizata
    Investment date : 2018
    Founders : Jean-Philippe Hugo, Philippe Maes, Olivier Dal Zuffo, Dario De La Puente
    HQ : Luxembourg
  • Salonkee
    Investment date : 2021
    Founders : Tom Michels, André Stehle, Gilberto Fernandes Cardoso, Alexandre Claro, Samuel Faber
    HQ : Luxembourg
  • Hydrosat
    Investment date : 2021
    Founders : Pieter Fossel, Royce Dalby, Scott Soenen
    HQ : Washington, D.C., USA



Our unique public-private partnership with a pure venture structure is backed by a roster of high profile private and public investors committed to the successful development of the Luxembourg start-up ecosystem: