Marc Gendebien

Founding Partner

Marc is a co-founder and Managing Partner at Expon Capital,
in charge of sourcing opportunities in The Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg.

He is a financial operations specialist and an experienced financial manager of both in public and private equities. He has accumulated a wide experience that span from the management of equity funds in retail and food & beverages sectors, European small caps to a CFO role in his own venture and a venture firm.

Marc started his career in 1995 as equity fund manager at ING in Brussels. During nearly five years, he managed sector focused UCITS funds invested in public equity (food & beverages and retail). He regularly beat a global benchmark of more than 500 companies, listed in Europe, North America and Japan. He lead the funds’ strategies, i.e. geographical allocation, companies selection and position built-up/wind-up and currency hedging. His taste for private equity developed when making on-site visits to companies and meeting with top management before investing. When he left ING, Marc managed Assets Under Management in excess of €300m.

In 2000, he co-founded Arvensia, an agro-commodities marketplace, designed for physical and derivative grain brokers. Marc was the CFO and board member of the company. The platform handled more than 10 million tons of cereal contracts a year and in excess of 10.000 contracts. His company’s derivative desk quickly became number one in Europe for the brokerage of options contract on wheat and rapeseed. In 2006, the company was partially sold to its employees. In 2008, Marc joined Société Générale Bank & Trust in Luxembourg, one of Luxembourg’s biggest private banks, where he supervised the bank’s reporting process (regulatory and internal). Marc joined Jérôme at Genii Capital in 2011. There he oversaw portfolio companies’ performance and participated in the disposal of some of Genii Capital’s investments.

Marc enjoys going up and down on mountain slopes in skis, VTT or whatever creating adrenaline. He has also a passion for old aircrafts and used to fly a glider. He likes running, biking and watching a rugby game. He is enthusiastic about everything that makes our planet a better place to live.

Marc holds a Masters degree in Engineering and Business (IAG) from Université Catholique de Louvain, Belgium. He speaks French, English and Dutch and has some basic knowledge of German.



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