Guy-Philippe Goldstein

Guy-Philippe Goldstein is strategic advisor at Expon Capital.


Guy-Philippe is a management consultant, and an analyst of cyber warfare with a focus on both global stability and human & economic environment for cybersecurity.


His acclaimed novel, Babel Minute Zero, is a forward-thinking look at the role of cyberwar in global geopolitics. He is a lecturer on cyberpower at the Ecole de Guerre Economique in Paris and a Senior Analyst on the Cyberdesk for Wikistrat, a global network of national security & strategy subject matter experts. He is also a contributor to the Journal of Military & Strategic Affairs, a publication of the Institute for National Security Studies in Tel-Aviv; has given talks at TEDx Paris, TEDx Athens; and, among other public engagements, was a keynote speaker at PWC Luxembourg Cyber-day and at Tel Aviv University’s inaugural cyber-warfare conference. In partnership with PWC France, he is also co-publishing cybersecurity articles and studies for Harvard Business Review France‘s Cybersecurity Chair.