Expon Capital announces 2 internal promotions to Principal: Lily Wang and Owen Reynolds

Here at Expon Capital, we’re creating a sustainable investment thesis we’re excited to share.


With true sustainability in mind, we’re also preparing the next generation to build on the model. After several years of growth and proven execution, we are proud to announce the internal promotions to Principal of both Lily Wang and Owen Reynolds. They have helped us extend our reach into new sectors and depth of understanding, and their contributions will boost our long-term success.


Lily joined us as a Senior Analyst in 2019, after coming from investment banking in London at HSBC. She has helped develop our internal proprietary risk-reward modelling and spends a lot of time on Digital Health, FoodTech, and Mobility.


Owen is a former US Federal economist, energy regulator, and Peace Corps Volunteer, and joined as an Associate in 2018 after his MBA at Chicago Booth, and has been working on Space, Deep Tech, Energy, and Marketplaces.


Both Lily and Owen have been integral to deal sourcing, analysis, due diligence, company management, the value we add to our companies, and the transparency we offer our LPs.


Today, we’re proud to recognize the impact their efforts have on the returns of our portfolios and the close alignment to our philosophy.


Congratulations Lily and Owen!