Expon I: A VC Fund on a Mission

Luxembourg; January 21, 2019

Today, Expon Capital takes a leap forward in its mission to build a better world with the launch of its flagship fund: Expon I. After raising €45 million ($50 million), the fund is now ready to back groundbreaking ideas from Europe, North America, and Israel.

“Expon I supports entrepreneurs who are creating technologies that truly benefit people” shared Jérôme Wittamer, Managing Partner, Expon Capital. “We are thrilled to announce that it is officially in action.”

“We are targeting extraordinary teams that can leverage technology for a positive impact, driving massive and sustainable value creation while solving some of the world’s biggest problems.” added Rodrigo Sepúlveda Schulz, Managing Partner, Expon Capital.

Even in 2019, the world continues to be plagued by gaping shortfalls in education, energy, environment, food, water, equality, and 11 other areas identified by the UN in its 2030 Sustainable Development Goals. The team uses these multi-billion-dollar market opportunities to inform its investment criteria.

Founded on the firm belief that human ingenuity is wholly capable of overcoming these challenges, Expon I invests in startups that harness technology to get us there. While some would call its approach idealistic, Expon Capital considers it the most profitable, not to mention sustainable, path forward.

“Contrary to popular belief, ideals, super high growth, and profitability are not mutually exclusive. We want to both better the world and generate massive financial value” Wittamer explained. “We are leading this new trend that combines making money with doing good and we are demonstrating its power.”


“We’re investing in companies that use technology to serve humanity & the planet.”


A brief look at Expon Capital’s portfolio reveals that it abides by its mission. To find stellar teams that can achieve that balance, it looks for what it calls Massive Transformative Purpose, as well as a unique approach, a foundation in deep tech and the genes of EXPONential growth in a potentially large market.

It actively invests in companies that are successfully pushing boundaries — whether advancing human potential and creating new jobs using AI tools (Catalyte.io), improving global education through a reading experience adapted to new generations (Glose.com) or boosting economic growth and saving lives via a revolutionary global weather prediction model (Spire.com).

“We are beyond excited to join forces with entrepreneurs that dare to aim for those big ideas capable of unlocking large-scale change” said Alain Rodermann, Managing Partner, Expon Capital.

“We are investing in companies that use technology to serve humanity and the planet” concluded Marc Gendebien, Managing Partner, Expon Capital. “That is how we build a better future.”


About Expon Capital

First & foremost Expon Capital is a force for good, benefiting both its stakeholders & the world (read the Expon Capital Manifesto). Technology is a tool capable of immediate & massive transformation. As entrepreneurs & venture capitalists, the nature of that transformation is in our hands. We consider startups of all stages, concentrating our search in Europe, Israel & North America. By investing in big ideas with the potential for positive impact & exponential growth, we work to tackle global challenges together. Expon Capital also manages the €20m Digital Tech Fund (more information here).

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